Umi I, II for two flutes and piano


■Umi I

Umi I, for two Flutes and PianoI was commissioned by Powell Flute Japan, to compose this work.  I mentioned about the “memorable event”, which I described at the very beginning of this booklet.  It was the event, which inspired me to write.  Some things only change slightly over a long period of time as opposed to the time in our daily lives.  The difference between the two fascinates me.  In this work, I, taken by the amazing scenery in the real world, was watched over by another me, who was very objective about what was happening to real me.  The Piano part represents something unchangeable and the flutes are, in fact, the evidence of our mortal existence. They rapidly move around and slowly die out.  Only then, does the silence speak itself.
For the Memory of Stars I, for PiccoloWhen stars are spread out vastly in the night sky, I am fond of looking up and inhaling deeply.  I get a feeling of being held by the grand universe. The past and the future are simultaneously projected in the sky and it makes me feel at ease.  Perhaps I was once a star and one day, I would return to the sky as a star again, a notion which for some reason, satisfies me.  Spreading out in the musical space is the guide to remember such a notion.


■Umi II

Umi II, for two Flutes and Piano I was given a commission by Powell Flute Japan, to write this work. “Umi II, for two Flutes and Piano is the 2nd of the series of the work, “Umi (the Sea)”. Different from the previous work, “Umi I”, somehow I felt I was, indeed, in the Sea of Ancient Yardangs. While composing, I frequently saw the image of the Sea. I had the vivid image of my looking up the slowly moving surface of the Sea from within and saw the Sun vaguely seen through the surface. Musical ideas, used in the previous work are sometimes utilized without alteration. It is because when these two works are to be performed back to back in a program, I would hope to get the sense of variation. Speaking directly to the soul is what I dream of achieving in my composition. The experiment and the inquiry continue.

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