Kensaku Shimizu is a recipient of many composition awards and funds. In 1990, he unanimously won the first prize (no 2nd prize) in the 7th International Wieniawski Competition for Composers in Poland. In 1998, he was selected by the jury to participate in the "Stage Program" to study computer music and music technology at IRCAM in Paris, where he was also a visiting scholar. He was invited to the Festival de Musiques Nouvelles in Toulouse, France, at Qiqihar University in China, and most recently, at the College of New Jersey for the Composer’s Forum in the United States.

Commissions come from Doriot Dwyer, the former principal flutist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Yuko Hayashi, a renowned organist, Japan Organ Society, Powell Flutes Japan, Japan Association for the Mathematical Sciences, Japan Biwa Society. His recent works have been premiered by Jacque Zoon, the former principal flutist of the Boston Symphony, Kazuo Tokito, the Solo Piccolo of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Eiichi Chijiiwa, soloist and co-principal violinist of the Orchestra de Paris. In 2009, his orchestral work, “Transmutation” was premiered in Kiev, by the National Symphony Orchestra of Kiev.

Born in Japan in 1961, he is a graduate of New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, where he earned Bachelor of Music in music theory and Master of Music with distinction in composition. Following further studies in Paris, he was accepted to the doctorate program to study composition at Harvard University, receiving a full scholarship and stipend and the opportunity to serve as a teaching fellow. After graduating from Harvard, he returned to Japan to teach at International Christian University and Kunitachi College of Music in Tokyo.

Currently, he is a Professor at Niigata University and a visiting Professor at Qiqihar University in China. He studied composition and theory with Robert Cogan, Pozzi Escot, Donald Martino, Earl Kim, Bernard Rands and Joji Yuasa.



Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts: Ph.D. in Composition, 1997
New England Conservatory, Boston, Massachusetts: M.M. with Distinction,1988
Additional composition study in Paris, France, 1987
New England Conservatory, Boston, Massachusetts: Bachelor of Music in Music Theory, 1981-1985
IRCAM, Paris, France: Participation in Stage Program, 1998
IRCAM, Paris, France: Visiting Scholar, 1997


Principal Teachers in Composition

・ Robert Cogan
・ Earl Kim
・ Bernard Rands
・ Pozzi Escot
・ Donald Martino
・ Joji Yuasa


Teaching and Music Research Positions

Niigata University, Niigata, Japan: Professor, since 2003
Niigata University, Niigata, Japan: Associate Professor, since 1999
International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan: Lecturer in Music Theory, since 2000
Kunitachi College of Music, Tokyo, Japan: Lecturer in Composition, since 1995
Kunitachi College of Music, Tokyo, Japan: Researcher at the Center for Computer Music
& Music Technology, since 1994
Takasaki Art Center College, Takasaki, Japan: Lecturer, 1993-95
Harvard University: Senior Teaching Fellow, 1989-1991



・ New England Conservatory   ・ Harvard University
・ Tufts University   ・ The Old West Church
・ Somerville Theater   ・ Suntory Hall, Tokyo, Japan
・ Philharmonia Hall, Poznan, Poland   ・ Wesleyan University
・ Bryant College   ・ Barton College
・ Ferris Women’s University, Japan   ・ Asahi Hall, Tokyo, Japan
・ Daishi Hall, Niigata, Japan   ・ Tsuda Hall, Tokyo, Japan
・ Williams College   ・ Vario Hall, Tokyo, Japan



・ Powell Flute Japan
   Work for 2 Flutes and Piano 2007.
   Work for 2 Flutes.. March, 2006
・ Kenta Suzuki
   Work for Piano.. November, 2005.
・ Niigata Flute Ensemble Academy
   Work for Flute Ensemble January, 2005.
・ Niigata Meikun High School
   Work for Chamber Orchestra and a Choir March, 2004.
・ Rie Shimizu
   Work for Alto Flute. May, 2004.
・ Noh City
   Work for Percussion Ensemble. May, 1998.
・ Akemi Masuko and Martin Losert
   Work for Alto Saxophone and Piano. May, 1998.
・ Sonic Chambers Player
   Work for woodwind quartet. September, 1997.
・ Duo Mei-Fa,
   Work for Flute and Koto. September, 1995.
・ Vortex, Koto Quartet.
   Work for Koto Quartet. May, 1995.
・ Hatsumi Miura, concert organist.
   Work for the organ of Stanford University, Stanford, California. April, 1995.
・ Japan Biwa Society
   Contemporary theater work for biwa, two voices, cello, trumpet,
   real-time computer, and recorded computer-generated sound. November, 1994.
・ Japan Organ Society
   For the International Organ Conference, Tokyo. 1993.
・ The Japan Association for Mathematical Science (Heisuke Hironaka, Chairman)
   For the opening of Onuma International Seminar House. 1992.
・ Doriot A. Dwyer, Boston Symphony Orchestra, former principal flutist.
   For flute and harp. 1992.



First Prize 7th Wieniawski International Competition for Composers, 1990.
Second Prize Blodgett Composers Competition for String Quartet, 1988.
George Arthur Knight Prize, 1989.
Adelbert W. Sprague Prize, 1988.


Composition List ( Last 8 Years)

・ The Sea, for 2 Flutes and Piano. 2007
・ For the memory of Stars III, for Cello. 2006
・ For the memory of Stars II, for Piano. 2006
・ For the memory of Stars I, for Piccolo. 2006
・ Far in the Distance, for Flute and Computer Generated Music. 2005
・ Anamnesis, for Flute Ensemble 2005
・ Kaze ni shitagaete yobu, for Flute, Violin, Cello. 2004
・ Prism, for 2 Pianos. 2004
・ Suwaru, an Installation work. 2004
・ Festive Overture, for Chamber Orchestra and a Choir. 2004
・ Mai, for Alto Flute. 2004
・ Disparate Space-Time II, for Flute. 2002
・ Disparate Space-Time I, for Violin. 2002
・ Scenes from Noh-City, for Percussion Ensemble. 2001
・ Wind from the Ancient, for Flute, Percussion, Compute Generated Music. 2001
・ Music around C, for String Quartet. 2000

   References - Available upon request.